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Rio Grande do Norte had, in 2021, the worst rating in the us of a in the public excessive college Education of the state community, in keeping with statistics from the simple schooling development Index (IDEB). The nation acquired simplest 2.8 as a median. The overall performance ended under the Brazilian and Northeast averages for the same reduce, which have been 3.Nine and three.Eight, respectively.

Paraná had the nice performance in Brazil among students from country faculties, with a rating of 4.6, this is, 1.8 factors better than that recorded in RN. Northeastern states such as Paraíba, Alagoas, Sergipe and Piauí also reached numbers nicely above the country of Rio Grande do Norte: 3.Nine, three.5, 39 and four.0, respectively.

The overall performance of excessive colleges, including Atheneu, is falling in RN. Kingdom grade dropped 0.4 factor considering that 2019.

RN has the worst public excessive college in Brazil

The terrible performance within the examination deepens a downward trend within the grades of the nation education community in latest years. In 2020, for instance, when the rankings for 2019 were launched, the nation rating became 3.2. That is, considering then there has been a drop of 0.4 point.

Likewise, the placement of the RN is in a descendant. That year, the nation’s high college machine shared the worst positions with Pará, Amapá and Bahia. This time, the remaining stand by myself changed into left.

Within the general cut, which brings together the critiques of college students from public and private faculties Education , the kingdom handiest managed to perform higher than Amapá in its excessive school. The information point to three.4 points for the RN and 3.Three for the AP.

RN acquired

The performance of standard school college students additionally placed Rio Grande do Norte at the lowest of the national rating. Inside the initial years of fundamental schooling (from 1st to fifth year), the country received a grade of 5.0, a higher performance best than that of Amapá, with a grade of 4.Nine. 

The Brazilian common is 5.8. In the final years of fundamental college (from the sixth to the 9th 12 months), the RN acquired Education a slightly greater at ease result (four.Four points). In this situation, the overall performance of the nation was equal to that of Pará and higher than that of Maranhão (4.Three) and Amapá (four.1).

For essential college, the country wide Institute of tutorial studies and research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and the Ministry of schooling (MEC) compiled the performance of students from public (nation and municipal) and personal schools, with out setting apart the sections.

Brazil’s purpose for the Index in 2021 was to gain a score of 6.Zero for the initial years of basic college, five.5 for the very last years Education and 5.2 for excessive faculty. The indices had been 5.Eight, 5.1 and four.2, in that order.

The IDEB calculation follows the subsequent formulation:

The consequences of the Portuguese language and arithmetic exams are standardized on a scale from zero to 10; then, the common of these two grades is increased by means of the common of the skip rates of the grades of every stage evaluated (starting Years, very last Years and high college), which, in percentage, varies from zero to a hundred.

The results display that the country, in a context of a virulent disease, did now not meet any of the goals. “The pandemic added  Education  a widespread change”, says the president of Inep, Carlos Moreno. According to the president of Inep, it’ll now be vital to construct a brand new plan of desires for Brazil.

“The nation deserted the students”, says professional

Professor Cláudia Santa Rosa, PhD in schooling, says that the covid-19 pandemic can’t be blamed totally as a cause of the performance Education of high college college students in Rio Grande do Norte, due to the fact, according to her, applications to stimulate training have been already in region.

Being demobilized in the country.

“RN’s IDEB became growing, with the implementation of ambitious moves from 2016 onwards. However in 2019, a lot of these actions have been interrupted or weakened”, she factors out.

The health disaster, in Santa Rosa’s evaluation, deepened the state of affairs. “The pandemic simply confirmed that the scenario will be worse,” he says. The expert criticized the manner wherein college activities had been controlled after the ultimate of faculties Education . “First, the nation introduced that far off paintings become a voluntary movement by means of instructors”, she underlines.

“The primary ordinance that established far off work in all colleges simplest passed off in October [2020], this is, we misplaced plenty of time. The state abandoned college students who, in flip, dropped out of school. There was apathy during the pandemic. If the state does now not react, the end result of the subsequent test [of Ideb, which will take place in 2023], can be worse than the present day one”, continued the expert, in a essential tone.

Elementary education

In line with Santa Rosa, investments in based material are wanted, with efforts that must be undertaken by means of the kingdom and by way of the municipalities, since the numbers on elementary education indicate a state of affairs of difficulties also in this segment of training.

“Training desires to be handled as a concern, with investments in structured substances, which can be the ones centered on getting to know and pass a long way past the e-book, as an instance.

Guidance is also needed for teachers and pressure in the functioning of schools, so they characteristic often. That is critical to fight the postpone collected with the aid of college students”, courses Santa Rosa. 

SEEC: States “distorted”  Ideb notes

The state branch of schooling of RN said that IDEB ratings are not comparable, as different states have carried out “automated approvals in 2021 near 100%, leveraging and distorting their IDEB, therefore, insufficient for comparisons between federated entities”.

As there has been automated approval in different states, consistent with SEEC, the rating of grades might no longer be dependable.

The Secretariat also mentioned that IDEB delivered positive information. “the best information is that in the faculties Education in the community, specially at basic 2 and middle tiers.

There has been no applicable drop in arithmetic mastering and there has been progress in learning in Portuguese”, pointed out Seec, including that there has been “regular increase in gaining knowledge of amongst students”. 2013 and 2021”.

Countrywide Curricular

As a manner of editing the excessive school state of affairs, the branch of training listed a few future measures. They are: “updating the schooling of managers inside the community; the schooling of instructors in song with the countrywide Curricular not unusual Base; the appreciation of training experts and their operating conditions.

Mainly the reorganization of working hours, prioritizing paintings in a unmarried school; the motion of healing and development of the physical infrastructure and system of the faculties; the growth of the variety of complete-time faculties; the mixing of simple education with technical and expert schooling in any respect degrees Education  and modalities”, amongst others.

Instructors, technicians

Sooner or later, for Seec, the beneath-average costs also are the result of a “lifestyle of disapproval”. “it’s miles already being mentioned with the college network, managers, instructors, technicians, college students and circle of relatives individuals, in the Potiguar Curriculum, the exchange from the subculture of failure to the culture of mastering.

There may be a dichotomy in our country: students show a boom in gaining knowledge of and there is no increase within the skip fee”, he said.

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