9 Best Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins for WordPress


Plugins for WordPress

In this age of digital learning, you may need online courses for your website.

When working with platforms like WordPress, you can get Plugins for WordPress to help you create and publish online courses.

These specialized Plugins for WordPress are in the form of software called Learning Management Systems (LMS).

An LMS allows you to process certification, receive instant feedback, and generate a rating system.

It is safe to say that these software programs enhance the online learning experience.

Looking for the best LMS Plugins for WordPress , you are at the right place.

Nowadays, online courses are becoming popular among people and you can also create, manage and sell your courses for just a little bit of money. The Learning Management System or LMS offers features like a real classroom where students do not need to be physically present.

There are many Plugins for WordPress  you can choose from to create courses, share work, enroll students, grade students by quizzes, and you can also see their progress in the progression section. There are also WordPress plugins for schools, universities and many different organizations. So today I am going to provide you with the information about some of the best Plugins for WordPress .

Best Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins for WordPress

 Plugins for WordPress


MemberPress is one of the most famous LMS plugins for WordPress that allows you to create online courses seamlessly.

With this plugin, you can also create multiple membership levels and subscription models.

MemberPress also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to set up their personal online classes without advanced technical experience.

You can enable the drag and drop option for users to select their curriculum themselves.

Most importantly, you can include the course tracker to keep subscribers updated on personal performance and overall progress.


LearnDash is a marquee LMS plugin for WordPress sites used by leading universities and online learning platforms.

The simplistic nature and interface of this plugin make it a popular choice among educators and e-learning institutions.

In addition, LeanDash offers a ‘drip feed’ option that allows you (the moderator) to create a scheduling option.

You can also use the advanced quiz option to create different types of questions.

Another standout feature available on LearnDash is the amazing product support and accessible user guides.

These features make LearnDash the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike.


LearnPress is a WordPress LMS plugin that uses the freemium template.

The plugin can be used on many websites for free, although you still need the premium version to access the full range of features.

With LearnPress, you can create multiple quizzes instantly.

You can also enhance the learning material by adding presentations and other forms of media.

LearnPress’ premium features also allow you to monitor and measure student progress.

You can also add multiple payment options like Stripe and 2Checkout for seamless transactions.


Sensei is a masterful WordPress LMS plugin that provides a lot of flexibility and useful features for creating online courses.

This plugin is a Woo Commerce product, but it is compatible with WordPress sites.

With Sensei, you can create courses and sell them on your website without any problems.

The only downside of Sensei LMS is that it doesn’t support third-party integrations.


Teachable LMS is unique in that it works as a plugin and a standalone tool for creating courses.

If you have a website, you can use the plugin to add the course to your WordPress site.

Otherwise, you can create the online course directly on the teachable subdomain.

Teachable provides multiple quiz options with multiple question formats.

You can also add a forum for student participation and discussion.

With the premium version, you can use the drip course and coupon generation features.

Teachable also offers PayPal and Stripe payment options.


LMS tutor

When it comes to free LMS plugins for WordPress, LMS Tutor tops the charts.

This plugin works well for teachers and website owners with limited technical knowledge.

Tutor LMS stands out because it allows website owners to create unlimited courses without any hassle.

The plugin also provides a dashboard for students.

You can also use the course’s grading and grading features to assess student performance.

With this LMS plugin, you can add controls for course difficulty and course teasers.

You can also add video learning materials directly or embed the link via YouTube.

 MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS Plugin for WordPress comes with many features for creating online courses.

The website makes it easy to create and manage your online courses.

You can also integrate payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

With MasterStudy LMS’s elegant user interface, you can create beautiful courses and include multimedia content for learning.

You can also create a tiered subscription model for users.

MasterStudy also provides course progress trackers, timers, and certifications

WP Courseware

WP Courseware allows you to create custom courses for your website.

This feature-rich plugin allows you to include course prerequisites and drip content resources.

With the WP Courseware plugin, you can include teacher and student profiles and question banks.

You can also improve user content with personalized emails and an engaging user experience.

WP Courseware also allows course owners to monetize their content.

You can also add payment gateways to manage subscriptions.


Lifter LMS is an easy-to-configure LMS  Plugins for WordPress site.

The main strength of the plugin is that it prioritizes the students’ learning experience.

You can also create multiple course levels for your online classes, regardless of size and specifications.

With LifterLMS, you can always create content with media files.

The plugin also allows for discussions and gamification modules.

You can also create certificates for each completed course.


When creating online courses for your WordPress site, you need the best learning management system plugins.

The ones mentioned above are easy to set up and also give you multiple options for organizing your digital classes.

Before choosing your preferred Plugins for WordPress , check the available features to make sure you get the best value for your money.



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